Yoga Instructors

Up and running by the age of 8 months, born a natural athlete. Participating in any type of activity available and was always on the move. Competing internationally and volunteering as an amateur coach, gave me the desire to teach and learn from others. By the age of 18 I was teaching all types of group fitness classes and running clinics. In 2010, injured and left unable to teach, Yoga became the foundation of recovery and shortly thereafter my way of life. Taking the first yoga class with Kelly Sanders had me hooked! Then went on to completing my first Teacher Training with Ally Bogard, Jeff Mah, and Celeste Needham of Giaitri Yoga. Learning to slow down and breathe changed the outlook on my life, creating openness to become an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner. Join me on my journey of guiding individuals of all ages and abilities to achieve a higher quality of life by encouraging a unity of body, mind, and spirit.

Attainment of ancient wisdom, self-connection, a place to create and hold sacred space for oneself and those who choose to be there alongside us, the building of community and a container of just that; I believe that we all strive to have these aspects of life but that we do not all have an idea of how to achieve it. For me, yoga was the key. During my years as teenager, the Maiden in me was internally voyaging for deeper knowledge of life and self, an anchor point in a growing body, soul, life and world. When I discovered that yoga allowed me to merge beautiful, antiquated discipline with mindful, modern day practice, I Completed 250 hr training in 2010 and an IAYT certified Yoga Therapist in 2016 and vibrated with all that I could offer. My education within the realms of kids yoga, prenatal & fertility yoga as well as yoga nidra training has allowed me to bring out and let shine my own personas as Mother, Teacher, CHN Certified Holistic Nutritionist, nature lover, craftswoman and perpetual student and I have connected with yoga-students during varying phases of their lives. I hope to enhance the lives of those who choose to practice Yoga with me because I have heartfelt thanks for the way in which yoga has enriched mine. 

Over six years ago, my life was irrevocably changed by yoga. Discovering this ancient, spiritual science helped me not only find myself, but more fully connect with others. As a result, my classes are imbued with my gratitude and an innate passion for body and mind cohesiveness designed to build personal and communal wellness, which reaches beyond developing mere technique. Yoga has instilled within me a foundation for healthy living, which includes continued studies in Ayurvedic wisdom, nutrition, breathing and relaxation practices. I am constantly inspired to continue on this path of lifelong learning and teaching from the feedback of my students; die-hard enthusiasts to elderly participants with limited mobility have complemented me for being able to make yoga stimulating, beneficial and thoroughly enjoyable.  I am an attentive and committed yoga instructor, with the ability to inspire others to obtain the physical and emotional benefits of regular practice. My classes provide a well organized and yet intuitive style of teaching that naturally adapts to the energy, experience and skill level of students. My goal is to lead, in a motivational, non-judgmental and supportive manner that connects participants to their inner potential for positive change.

Like so many, I turned to yoga as a form of exercise – a way to strengthen my inactive body after a battle with chronic pain. I went to my first class looking to find a way to strengthen my body, but what I found was so much more than I could have imagined. When I stepped onto my mat for the first time, I found a sense of calm and a connection to my body and emotions in a way I had never been able to feel before. A way to tune in, let go of the stress and chaos of life, and connect with how I truly felt. I cried, I felt weak, and I felt completely empowered and whole for the first time in my life. I felt like I was me. Worthy. That was the beginning of a sporadic yoga practice. Fast forward a few years, and I bought an intro month of unlimited yoga and the rest was history. When I finally decided to stop dancing around what I knew I wanted and needed, and commit to it, I found my center in a way I didn’t know was possible. I quickly fell in love with all things yoga. With the movement, with the calm, the strength, the softness, the breaking open, and the tuning into my body and soul. The more classes I took, the more I wanted to attend. I found myself going to classes once and twice daily. Life shifted and changed as I turned to yoga as my therapy, my safe space and my place where I could truly feel and let myself be raw. It was then that I knew this was my passion and my calling. I found the magic in yoga, and I wanted so desperately to be able to share that with the world. It took me a bit to commit to my Teacher Training, but the second I did, I knew it was right. I took my 200RYT training through the Alberta Yoga College. My training is Iyengar based, which gave me a strong and safe alignment focused style. I take joy in teaching all ages and levels of yoga and am trained in many styles. Falling in love with all things yoga more and more every day, I continue to learn and grow as a teacher. Like all aspects of my life, my classes are fun, powerful and heartfelt.

Laurette completed her 200hr certification in 2013, practicing classical Hatha Yoga with a strong emphasis on safety, breathing and meditative flow. She is also Yin Yoga  and Thrive Yoga (for cancer survivors) certified. Laurette had an interest in bodywork long before embarking onto the path of yoga, first being introduced to Reflexology when her mother was going thru some health challenges. She eventually became certified in Reflexology in 2002, is a Reiki Master and an Access Bars practitioner. Come April 2018, she will graduate from Makami College as a Registered Massage Therapist, completing the 3000 Hr Advanced Clinical massage therapist program. Laurette has recently taken a Pain Care for yoga workshop and a Restorative Yoga workshop and continues to expand her knowledge and participate in professional development workshops to expand her knowledge and capacity within her teaching.

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After many years of dancing in various styles I discovered Yoga 2012 and quickly fell in love with the depth of the practice. Fast forward 6 years and I now have my 500hr Yoga Teacher Training, Aerial Yoga, and Yoga Therapist Trainings all under my belt.  One of my favourite things about Yoga is that it is different for everyone. It’s so amazing to see how all the different aspects of Yoga can provide a unique fit for each individual and provide them with exactly what they need at that time. Other than teaching Yoga I enjoy having dance parties with my two young daughters, painting, dancing and travelling.


I began practicing 17.5 years ago while pregnant with my one and only, amazing and beautiful son. I have continued to learn and dive deeper into the art of yoga ever since. It began as a way to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy and turned into a deep love for the practice, the spirituality and the meaning of yoga. I began with a very strong practice of mainly power yoga and only after injury to my body did I discover that yoga was so much more than just the power. It was then that my deep love for meditation and yin became so strong. I do have the belief that everything happens for a reason, and my injuries were to slow me down and teach me that there is power and strength in calmness and quiet. Meditation has opened up a whole new world and having the opportunity to share all that I have learned on my journey with others is a true gift from the universe. My journey into yoga is a deeply spiritual one, the practice of breath and movement has not only changed me as a person, it has enhanced my life and taken me to a place I only dreamed of years ago, and for that I am eternally grateful.

In 2008, I committed to a weekly yoga class.  I had dabbled in yoga previously but this was when my journey truly began.  When I started this yoga class I had no idea it would lead me to where I am now…sharing my heart, my passion, being lifelong student of yoga.  I began practicing twice a week, and then three times, then four, well, you get it! It was amazing!  It made me stronger and more present in my other sports and in my life.  After years of snowboarding my riding skills jelled!  Weight training and aerobics seemed to have more impact.  Results came faster.  I just felt better. I felt more aware.  I felt I could truly just be.  The spiritual side of yoga began calling to me; the meditation, the breathing, the chanting, even coming out of my shell to join in the opening and closing ‘om’s’, unlocked a door to my heart and soul.  I was officially hooked!  I was thirsty for more knowledge.  How is this practice making me feel so completely new and amazing?  I wasn’t getting enough just going to classes; in 2014 I enrolled in the 200 hour Teacher Training at Yoga Passage.  From there it inspired me to take advanced training in Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra.  I was also drawn to the call to inspire and play so I enrolled in the Little Hippies Children’s Yoga training.  July 2016 found me following my heart to Peru where I was so incredibly fortunate to complete another 200 hour training.  This time delving into the mysticism and shamanism of Peru and Sivananda yoga.  If you had asked me all those years ago if I could or would be a yoga teacher I would have laughed and covered my face.  Me?  Talking in front of a group of people?  In yoga pants?  From the heart?  Absolutely terrifying!  No way!  But now…without a doubt I have found my soul’s purpose.  I love inspiring people and making yoga available to everyone no matter where they are in their yoga journey.  I thrive to make my classes fun and comfortable, bringing in philosophy and contemplation with sprinkles of light heartedness and giggles. I’m following my wide-open heart by sharing my love of yoga.  I have found a community where I can just be me!  My silly, fun, sensitive self! 

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I was in pain, I was stressed, and I’d heard that yoga might be able to help. I enrolled in my first yoga class in 1997 and the rest, as they say, is history (or the present, we always want to be in the present, right?) I came to yoga for my body, but quickly learned that it was so, so much more.  Yoga has given me strength, flexibility and ease both on and off the mat. It has translated into every aspect of my life, which brings us to how I went from practicing to teaching yoga. The first teacher training I took was for me. But over the next couple years following that education, I realized, I didn’t just want people to know what I knew, I wanted them to DO what I was doing and took another program. I feel fortunate to have trained with some amazing teachers that I admire greatly for their expertise, skill and compassion. I completed my first program in 2011 through Gaiatri Yoga, which is where Emma and I met. I completed another 200hr certification with Rob Walker at the Alberta Yoga College. This further deepened my knowledge and provided me with more skills as a teacher. I’ve also taken various workshops and courses, such as Neil Pearson’s ‘Yoga for Chronic Pain’ level 1 workshops, Judith Lasater’s ‘Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Anger, Depression and Anxiety’, and Trish Robbins ‘Yoga for Migraines’. I continue to be an eager student of yoga and I am currently enrolled in the Yoga Therapy program at Mount Royal University.  What I enjoy teaching the most is gentle flow and restorative yoga. I believe yoga is accessible to everybody no matter the age, fitness level or mobility.

My intro to yoga started sporadically back in high school, and by 2007 it had become a regular routine. My practice evolved in 2008 when I was pregnant with my first son — I was struck with a deep connection between baby & I, when I came to my mat. Since then, I have embraced yoga through life’s ups & downs, as it always has a way of bringing balance and harmony to my life. In 2015, an amazing journey to Peru for a yoga retreat sparked my desire to become a yoga teacher myself. I completed my 200hr teacher training and 85hr prenatal & postnatal training, with plans to do more as I continually broaden my practice. I often weave in a deeper meaning to my guided sessions, as I truly believe yoga unites us on a level that surpasses the physical sense. My favourite place to do yoga is in the great outdoors. As a close second to that, I love being in a space filled with the positive energy of other yogis. Looking forward to seeing you on your mats!

I am a vivacious gal with a true heart for authenticity!
I hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia but call Fort McMurray home.
I first found yoga in 2013, and like most, was initially very intimidated by the practice and environment. I felt like I could or would never fit in. Yet, the total opposite happened! I fell head over heels in love and by the summer of 2014 I was a 200 hr certified instructor. After 8 years of the most glorious growth in Fort McMurray I decided it was time for a new adventure; and moved to Toronto! En-route I took a 2 and a half week detour to gain another 300 hr of blissful learning in the gorgeous mountains of Nelson BC. A year in Toronto taught me so much, but the fires in Fort McMurray pulled me closer to home. My journey in Calgary has just begun and so far it has been a treat.
If you’re into kitties and exploring your heart, I’m your gal – I cannot wait to meet you on your mat!

Like so many before me, I first came to my mat by invitation of someone close to me. It was a hot yoga class and instantly I fell in love with my new exercise regime. I became fixated on how hot the room was, how long I could manage without a sip of water etc. It was so far from what yoga truly means nonetheless it was how I began my journey. I was competitive not only with myself but those surrounding my mat. Could I outlast them? Stave off hydrating longer? Sweat more? And so my EGO got in the way for several years before I grasped the realities of yoga. Today yoga, as I understand it, is about uniting my breath and physical movement with the very essence of who I am, my spirit.
Sidelined with Fibromyalgia in 2013 for almost half a year was debilitating physically, humbling on so many other levels and exactly what I needed. I needed to be still, to listen to the gentle whisper of God filling my spirit, mind and body. Learning to only do what my body will allow me to do on any given day has allowed me so much freedom within my mind and given me so many blessing on a heart level.
I have learned to be gentle with myself and hence others. I have learned to extend grace as I have had grace extended to me. I have discovered that often what I struggle with on my mat is what I’m struggling with off the mat and visa versa. I have learned we are all different and yet so much alike. I took my 200 hr teacher training at the tender age of 54! And have since added a Meditation/Nidra/Guided Imagery/Contemplative Prayer Certification. I challenge everyone to be the student and the teacher. Join me on the mat and lets see what we can accomplish together!