Wellness Practitioners

Participating in sports was my passion, continuously pushing my body to its limits. After several sports related injuries and years of hectic, stress filled schedules, my body simply stopped. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I spent years trying to regain my strength and vitality with western pharmaceuticals. It wasn’t until I began to practice yoga and learn Ayurvedic principles that my vigor for life was restored. I slowly learned how to quiet my mind and steady my body. As my practice grew so did my desire for additional knowledge.
With over 20 years experience, the education and personal journey to reflect from allows me the opportunity to assist others in taking small steps in becoming balanced. As the owner of PuraVeda Yoga Ayurveda & Wellness, I get to spend the time one requires with their patients, guiding, teaching, and facilitating change within them.

Combining my many years as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, I use my experience as a clinical academic and intuitive to deliver a unique holistic approach to health, empowerment coaching, and healing to my clients. As a Reiki Master, an Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Practitioner, and a Higher Priestess Practitioner, I am able to draw from these unique skills to create a personalized approach as we work together on your path to healthy living.  
Having recently accepted the position of President of the newly formed Calgary South Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, I am building a presence in Calgary to empowering holistic practitioners, entrepreneurs and holistic businesses to be recognized for their skills, knowledge, and expertise.
I am passionate about empowering women, and as a successful Women’s Circle Facilitator, recognize the POWER of women coming together in the right environment. To this end, I have recently launched ‘The Mother Ship Events’ which are designed to provide a safe, nurturing space where participants are empowered to own their feelings and experiences, to take creative risks, and to allow their deepest yearnings to take root and blossom. Our guests gather together for a variety of reasons: support one another, discuss topics close to their hearts, educate and nurture creativity. These are all ways in which we create community, banish isolation, and empower ourselves and each other. I am excited to bring these talents to the Wellness Centre at Puraveda and to collaborate with like minded holistic practitioners who truly place their clients and patients at the centre of their care and treatment and are dedicated to create a healthier community.


I was in pain. I was stressed. And I’d heard that yoga might be able to help. I came to yoga for my
body, but quickly learned that it was so, so much more. Yoga has given me strength, flexibility
and ease both on and off the mat. It has translated into every aspect of my life, which brings us
to how I went from practicing to teaching yoga.
The nutrition piece was always in the back of my mind. Through experimenting with different
eating styles I discovered that cleaning up my diet was having a positive impact on some of my
health issues. And, over time, with all the positive results I was seeing, I wanted to learn more!
When I saw an advertisement for holistic nutritional training in the Alive magazine I decided to
attend an information session. I enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition the following
week and I’m now a graduate with the designation C.H.N., Certified in Holistic Nutrition. Similar to
my yoga training, I then went from wanting people to know what I knew, to DOING what I was
doing. I am passionate about yoga, nutrition and breath work, and helping people move ‘Beyond
Chronic Pain’.

I started in a variety of sports at a young age, creating a desire for fitness and wellbeing. I had the privilege of being mentored, enhancing my passion and thus creating ‘Chanceformations’.
Working with individuals for over 20 years, in a group and one-to- one setting, highlights my ability
to listen to my clients’ needs and goals.
My close friend Shelly was diagnosed with Cancer, leading me to obtain my certification as a
Cancer Exercise Specialist and creating therapeutic personal training programs.
I enjoy helping people breaking through plateaus and realizing they can achieve so much more
than they thought.

I had been interested in energy healing and Reiki after being introduced to it through a friend and Reiki Master. I admit, I never really understood or maybe even really believed in it, all I knew is that this particular friend gave amazing hugs, which always left me feeling, loved, supported and complete.
I had the opportunity to take my level 1 and was absolutely amazed the first time I felt something. I felt someone’s energy. I felt they had something going on in a certain area without knowing. It was incredible!
I continued my Reiki studies and now hold my Masters Usui/Tibetan Reiki and my Karuna Master Reiki levels. Reiki allows me to use my intuition, to help people relax and heal. Reiki also allows me to play with rocks. Yes, I incorporate the healing powers of crystals, gems and colors into my reiki  sessions.
My love and respect for nature has always been strong, upon journeying to Peru, a fire awakened in my soul. Opening up to the Shamanic Arts as another opportunity for me to connect and help others, creating space for healing and community.

I became curious about Therapeutic Yoga early in my teaching career when I started teaching Private Sessions to my Aunt. She had very limited mobility and a lot of pain so instead of traditional Yoga postures we worked with small intentional movements.  By working with gentle therapeutic movements we begin to decrease pain while increasing her ability to move in a pure range of motion. Her progress happened very quickly and we were both blown away with the results. I found myself fascinated by the idea of starting from the beginning to re-training out body, mind and breathe to work together to create a positive change. This experience inspired me to take the 850 hr Therapeutic Yoga Training through The Canadian Institute of Therapeutic Yoga and my journey to help people feel and move better began.