Want to feel calm and focused?
Want to sleep through the night?
Want to enhance your energy, vitality, and mental clarity?
Want to feel nourished and pain free?
Want integrated care for a medical condition?

PuraVeda Yoga Ayurveda & Wellness provides a place for people to work with practitioners to learn about what can help their unique health situation. We strive for a strong sense of community and inclusion. Our qualified, skilled, experienced practitioners spend valuable time with their clients and patients, guiding, teaching and facilitating change within them. We invite you to take control of your own health and wellness!

Come join us for a Nutritional Consult. Work one on one with a Physical Trainer.  Rehabilitate, recover and define with a yoga therapist. Discover the power spiritual healing with a Reiki Master or Angel Empowerment Hands on Healer. Discover how you can reach your goals or navigate the health care system with a Holistic Health Coach. Learn how adopting an Ayurvedic Lifestyle will transform your health and approach to life.

The essence of our center is COLLABORATION with all Practitioners working together
with you as their focus.
Join us today!


Please Note: PuraVeda’s Wellness Centre is not an emergency medical facility nor does it include medical diagnosis or medical treatment and is not a substitute for medical care. All services and treatments provided are complementary or alternative to health care services provided by health care practitioners currently licensed in Canada.

Ayurveda is complementary to and supportive of traditional western medicine as practiced in Canada it is also considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine.

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