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Balance & Flow

Bring awareness to the body, specifically the joints, by moving with purpose. The first portion of the class is spent bringing awareness to shifted, stiff or sore muscles and joints. With the body realigned the class continues with fluid movements and some sun salutations.
*Suitable for all levels


A fun class with emphasis on your core muscles while toning the entire body. This is a physical class with lots of movement that will be sure to make you sweat as you try new things.
*Suitable for all levels

Family Fun Yoga

Take time to connect as a family with Yoga! This class is designed to bring families together with healthy activities, such as group and partner poses, developing communication skills, coordinating the breath, and sharing experiences. All family members welcome with children over the age of 3 years.
$5 per person

Flow & Restore

Vinyasa builds breath with dynamic flowing movements, warming up your body, and then allowing the body to find a complete state of relaxation. Restorative yoga nurtures the body, calming the central nervous system; relax and let-go finding your inner self-awareness.
*Suitable for all levels and ideal for first-timers

Freestyle Yoga

Free-style yoga is never the same class twice. With a mix of flow, Hatha, backbends, inversions and so much more the class is always changing and evolving into new things. If you don’t want the same sequence every time this is the class for you. This light-hearted class varies on the group, and taught in a workshop style. Ask questions, gain clarity on postures yet most importantly have fun while learning.
*Suitable for all levels


Develop healthy alignment and body awareness with simple breathing techniques and gentle stretches. This practice is designed to aid you in learning your body’s boundaries from possible muscle tenderness, joint pain, new or old injuries, weaknesses and fatigue.
*Suitable for all levels and ideal for first-timers

Gentle Flow

Build the foundations to your practice with slow fluid movements, gentle stretches and breathing exercises. The simple movements are designed to increase energy and your range of motion. This class is ideal for students with chronic symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, stiffness, weakness, or fatigue.
*Suitable for all levels

Gentle Hip & Release

With tight hips and a tight lower back, tension can build up in these regions and cause your muscles to shorten, possibly making it harder to walk, sit, stand and practice. This gentle class will loosen tight hips, improve your circulation, range of motion and alleviate back pain and tension. This practice is sequenced on your back and designed for you to lie down, concentrate on your breath and fully relax into the postures.
*Suitable for all levels and ideal for first-timers

Hip & Release

With tight hips and a tight lower back, tension can build up in these regions and cause your muscles to shorten, possibly making it harder to walk, sit, stand and practice. Take time to loosen tight hips, improve your circulation, range of motion and alleviate back pain and tension with this hip-opening yoga class.
*Suitable for all levels

Mommy & Me

Come connect with other Moms! Build your bond with your baby in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Regain awareness of your body post-labour with safe and strengthening postures. Moms as early as 6 weeks postnatal (with doctors approval) and babies up to 12 months or walking.
(If you had a c-section or complications please let the instructor know and be aware that it is recommended to wait 8-12 weeks)

Power Flow

Expect to be challenged in this vigorous and fluid approach to yoga. The sequences will build your breath from dynamic flowing movements to gain strength and stability. The diversity of this class will leave you burning calories and toning your body. Come ready to get a sweat on!


Add a deep relaxation to your yoga routine. Restorative yoga includes breathing, gentle asanas (postures), and the ability to take time to relax into a position. You may adjust, readjust, and readjust again, until you find your body settling into alignment. Postures can be held for up to 5 minutes allowing the body to come to stillness and give you a deep sense of relaxation. Repeated practice will assist you in finding relaxation faster and quicker each time.
*Suitable for all levels and ideal for beginners 

Rise & Shine

Awaken the body and get the energy flowing with breath and gentle movements.  Explore pranayama (breathing techniques) to help find balance and relieve stress.  Discover the mindfulness and health benefits of Qigong.  Flow with your body through gentle yoga poses.  This lovely trine will leave you feeling rejuvenated, aware and in touch with your self.  Physically and energetically.
*Suitable for all levels

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa translates as breath-synchronized movement, which in turn coordinates your breath, your movement and the postures together. This allows you to focus on your breath while flowing between the asanas (postures). Vinyasa has benefits for the mind and body.
*Suitable for all levels

Yang Yin

A fusion between yang (active) postures to get the body warm and moving and a yin (passive) practice with long holds and deep stretching. This practice will help release tension in your body by opening up the muscles deep connective tissues, connecting you to your chakras, firing up your breath, all while calming your mind.
*Suitable for all levels

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, commonly known as yogic sleep, is a powerful technique in which you relax consciously and learn to withdrawal from all senses. Nidra is one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain.
Sleep helps our wounds to heal, improves memory,
boosts the immune system, manages pain, and lowers
stress. The same healing power is found in yoga nidra, with added benefits.
You will rest in a position of savasana (corpse pose) while this systematic meditation takes you through the five layers of self, leaving you with a sense of wholeness.
*Suitable for all levels

YogaFaith Gentle Flow

Come prepared to worship with your whole self as the bible repeatedly declares. With worship music playing allow the fruit of the spirit to encompass you, sing, pray and allow your body to flow with His grace. Practice yoga with devotion of your mind, body & spirit. Transition fluidly from posture to posture, typically finishing with deeper more restorative poses.
*Suitable for all levels

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